URL Interpretation

{ "url": "https://writerclick.com/", "host": "writerclick.com", "path": "/", "file": "", "ext": "", "contType": "", "reconstructed": "https://writerclick.com/" }

URL Classification

{ "class": "NotFound", "httpStatus": 404, "fileBuffer": "undefined", "contType": "undefined", "hostPrefix": "undefined", "reqString": "undefined", "reqMode": "undefined", "reqVars": "undefined", "reqAccount": "undefined", "reqPack": "undefined", "reqApp": "undefined", "errorTitle": "Not Found - The requested item doesn't exist.", "errorDetail": "The requested file or information was not found on the server. If you typed the URL check the spelling, if you followed a link it might be out of date.", "errorResource": "App shortcut; '/wc/'" }

Host Prefix

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